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Servicing of computer equipment. IT-manager

Do you need to service your computers, printers and network?

A visiting system administrator? – this belongs to the past!

An IT-manager from Intellect-Service Company is the one who meets the needs of today’s business!

Article about IT-manager

Attention! A special offer! You can hire an IT-manager for a trial period of 1 month with payment of only half of his services! Tel.: (812) 309-34-10.

Functions of an IT-manager:

1. Compulsory routine visits to service your network and computers

The IT-manager visits you every week by the agreed date and time (for example, every Tuesday at 10:00) to perform routine maintenance on computers, which include:

  • Resolving any issues users may have (helpdesk);
  • Servicing of computers, laptops, servers;
  • Servicing of network and network equipment;
  • Servicing of office equipment: printers, scanners, fax machines, MFP;
  • Servicing of mini-PBX, communications equipment, UPS;
  • Servicing of programs: Windows, Office, Linux, Unix, 1C, Client-Bank systems, UL taxpayer, etc.;
  • Connection of new computers, office equipment;
  • Creating and monitoring the backup of critical data (IC bases, documents);
  • Creating and updating anti-virus protection of all your computers and servers (using Eset NOD32, Dr. Web or Kaspersky according to your preferences);
  • Organization of a shared safe and controlled access to the Internet network (Internet gateway + firewall).

2. Remote support methods for servicing of network and computers

  • Phone system administrator — a telephone customer support on any issue;
  • Online system administrator – a prompt support through remote administration.

3. Quick and emergency servicing of network and computers

Performed during emergency or extraordinary situation that significantly affects a client’s basic activities and requires prompt solution.


  • On the day a request is received, and continue until the problems are completely eliminated.


  • Prompt advice to managers and users by phone;
  • Visit by a system administrator to the client’s office;
  • Quick restoration of the working capacity of a software or hardware;
  • Data recovery from a backup copy (if required).

+ An IT manager is:

  • Your personal expert who solves absolutely all issues related to IT;
  • An IT-manager is a professional who is in charge of his responsibilities from A to Z;
  • An expert on IT cost saving methods. He seeks and offers options on how to reduce cost of Internet access, telephony, hardware and software. According to our statistics, 80% of companies recouped the cost of subscription service for their computers, by reducing costs related to the level of preceding cooperation with Intellect-Service Company;
  • Always in touch! Always on time!;
  • The IT-manager speaks with you in a simple language (no difficult words like patches, ports, firmware, drivers, etc);
  • Maintains documentation for your information system: your PC passport, the network scheme and configuration, monitoring the working capacity of IT systems;
  • During absence from work, he arranges for a full replacement, transfers all documentation and contacts;
  • Maintains correspondence with communication and hosting providers, official service centers for hardware repair, etc.;
  • A person who is always there for you!

The cost of subscription service for computers is «all inclusive» (without additional payments):

100% best price! If you find a cheaper price, we will reduce our own price by 110% difference!

Total number of personal computers under subscription service Monthly cost of computer servicing, rubles/month Procedure and volume of computer servicing, number of visits per month
1 computer All computers Planned visits by an IT-manager IT-Manager
Phone + Online
Emergency visits by an IT-manager
<10 600-1000 4000-10000 Once per month Unlimited Unlimited
10-20 550-950 5500-18000 Once per month Unlimited Unlimited
20-30 500-900 10000-27000 2 times per month Unlimited Unlimited
30+ 490-800 15000-30000 4 times per month Unlimited Unlimited
We offer DISCOUNTS! The discount amount is determined after a free call to the IT-manager for express inspection of your information system and discussion of required parameters for servicing your network and computers.

Comparison of the effectiveness of the work of a visiting system administrator, a full-time system administrator, an ordinary outsourcing company, and the IT-manager of Intellect-Service Company:

Section 1. Economic indicators, rubles:
Your expert Ordinary IT-outsourcing company Intellect-Service Company
10 PC 30 PC 10 PC 30 PC 10 PC 30 PC
Visiting system administrator Full-time system administrator Visiting expert from the company Visiting expert from the company IT-manager IT-manager
Average salary of an average expert in St. Petersburg (cash in hand) 5000* 30 000* None None None None
Rental of a space for a workplace (6 m2 per person) 4000 None None None None
Depreciation of office equipment (1 person/month) 500 None None None None
Administrative expenses 1500 (5%) None None None None
Income tax ~700 (13%) ~4500 (13%) None None None None
Tax payments to social funds ~2000 (34%) ~11700 (34%) None None None None
Payment of compulsory leave — 100 % Yes Yes None None None None
Payment for sick leave — from 50% to 100% (depending on the record of service) Yes Yes None None None None
7700 52200 7000** 17500**
4900 13800
* according to a study of the labor market of St. Petersburg in March 2011
** according to a study of the IT-outsourcing market of St. Petersburg in March 2011
Section 2. Quality of Service (professionalism): Your expert Обычная компания по IT-аутсорсингу Интеллект-Сервис
Anti-virus protection + + + + + +
Backing up of important data + + + + +
Documentation ? ? + + + +
Mini-PBX servicing ? ? ? + +
Knowledge of Linux-systems, options to replace expensive Windows-based servers for free Linux analogues ? ? ? + +
Knowledge of other ways of reducing IT-costs ? ? ? ? + +
Section 3. Quality of service (speed, stability, continuity): Your expert Ordinary IT-outsourcing company Intellect-Service Company
Number of experts 1 1 Company Company Company Company
Replaceability during a sick leave or vacation None None Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reaction speed (in hours) 4-48 0-2 6 4
2 2
Of course, facts and figures are important, however, the choice is yours!

For consultation on matters relating to servicing of computers, you can contact us by phone: +7 (812) 309-34-10 from 08:00 to 20:00 hour.

Intellect-Service Company.